Pride: An Enemy of Faith

Pride hinders and fights against our faith, but a humble reliance on God will fight against and push out pride.

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Keeping the Right Perspective in Suffering

It's all too easy to focus on the bad side of suffering. This message covers some of the reasons Christians suffer and the good that comes from it.

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The Man with a Cane

Who Is God the Father & What Does He Do?

Who is God the Father and what does He do?

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A Father’s Role

Fathers have an important role to play in the family and wear many hats.

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Building God’s House

We are all helping build God's spiritual house.

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Then I Think of God

This sermon examines how we should think of God.

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God’s Family Plan

The Enemies of Today

Sometimes we can't enjoy life today because yesterday and tomorrow can interfere. This sermon explains how to combat the enemies of today.

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The Markers of Prophecy

God shows us when things in the future transpire - how?

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