Seeking Wisdom

The Map, the Path, and the Destination

The Real Answer Book

Some books have the title: "The Answer Book." But the Bible containts real answers that we need as we go through life.

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The Gatekeepers

At first thought, being a doorkeeper isn't an important job. It is, however, when we realize we are the gatekeepers to God's truth.

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Jesus Christ: Who, What, & Why

Prepare to Give an Answer… And for the Response


Waiting on God

Ambassadors for Christ

What are the spiritual attributes that an ambassador for Christ should have? God's word has much to say on this subject.

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What Kind of Tenants Do We Allow?

We all have various traits or tenants in us that need to be examined and evicted. As we grow and become more Christ-like we must work on those undesirable traits.

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